In many parts of the pharmaceutical industry—e.g. the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastic, paper, and pulp industries—as well as in other industrial sectors like steel and recycling, product drying is an essential component process in waste recycling. Manufacturing household goods and fertilizers in industrial or retail quantities also requires perfectly dry materials. NEWeco-tec has solutions for almost any application or product.

Incredible benefits at a glance

Use as an energy source

Lower waste disposal costs

Recycle valuable resources

Cat Litter and Binding Material

Pet litter and binding materials have to be made using dried, absorbent ingredients like fibers, minerals or sawdust. The lower the moisture level of the ingredients, the higher the absorbency of the final product.

Bandtrockner zur Katzenstreuherstellung

Pulp/Cellulose Granules

Chemical cellulose is used to make products like viscose, lyocell, cuprammonium rayon and films, among others. In granule form, it can even be used as insulation. Before processing, though, the moisture must be removed from the input material.


Peat is a natural product that is processed in industrial quantities. In order to pack peat in sacks, it has to be dried first. Then it can be used as organic fertilizer in hothouses or sold in garden centers and plant nurseries. Consumers then use it in their flower beds and on their balconies. As well as drying the peat itself, the NEWtainer® is the ideal way to dry various component materials of peat, compost or fertilizer products.

Color Pigments

Pigments are tiny particles suspended, but not dissolved, in carrier substance. Before the pigments can become paints, they have to be carefully dried.

Spent Grain

Fermentation in alcohol production, especially industrial alcohol production, leaves behind waste product that can be processed to make animal feed. The first step is to dry this residue to preserve the nutrients.

Trocknung von Gärrest

Carbon Granules/Carbon Pellets

Carbon granules rise to the top in sand, making them an ideal filter material. Grain size is key for optimal filtration and performance is achieved with flawless drying. This changes the mechanical behavior of the granules. Dried carbon is also used in steel production, among other areas.

Granulat trocknen

Activated Carbon

This is organic carbon that is dried and pyrolyzed for use in high-quality filters, exhaust air purification systems, and odor neutralization or reduction. It can even be used in agriculture to reduce the smell generated by slurry spreading.


Fertilizers are produced using minerals, along with resources from the food processing industry and agriculture (e.g. digestate). The components must first be dry.

Animal Feed/Nutrition (Pet Food)

Resources reclaimed from food and beverage production can be processed to make animal feed. Drying the constituents is vital for all types of animal feed, including pet food. The production process involved drying either the raw material component or the extrudates.

Plastics/Synthetic Fibers

Plastics are dehydrated prior to further processing. The dry matter content of the input materials impacts various product characteristics like how well it blends with other materials.

Trocknung von Kunststoff und Kunststofffasern

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