In agriculture and forestry, livestock excrete biomass, forests grow it, and the harvest brings it in from the fields. The dry mass of these products often represents huge potential. Slurry can be turned into valuable fertilizer, for example, or wood chips into wood gas, power or activated charcoal; field crops become high-quality food products and the roots are the base material for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The prerequisite for creating all of this value is generally drying the material properly.

Our Solution:


The NEWeco-tec NEWtainer® is an opportunity to have a drying system installed on your company premises that is tailored precisely to your needs. The container-format design means there is no need for an additional building and the modular structure means we can create a layout ideal for your needs. It also means you can easily expand or relocate your drying system at a later date. An investment that yields a quick return.


Incredible benefits at a glance

Use as an energy source

Lower waste disposal costs

Recycle valuable resources


Drying for Sustainable Agriculture

NEWeco-tec offers more than belt dryers. Our comprehensive range of related options for processing agricultural products can provide the right holding container for bulk goods, and the right process engineering and processing lines for specific products.

Applications include:

Professionally processing chopped plant material, flowers or seeds

E.g.: Lucerne (alfalfa), hemp (cannabis)

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Gently drying agricultural commodities to food standards: a powerful alternative to torrefying, batch drying or underfloor ventilation.

E.g.: Hops, herbs


Turning trash into treasure; drying, cleaning and pelletizing in one system

E.g.: Poultry droppings


Processing harvest yields to sell direct

E.g.: Apples, onions, pumpkin seeds

Making hay milk by drying fresh grass, chopped corn and high-quality cereals

Drying corn and cereals for livestock feed production

Making high-quality bedding for horses, cattle and poultry by drying digestate, saw or planing shavings, chopped corn or silage

Drying waste materials from food production like pomace, spent grain and fruit waste

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Root tubers

NEWtainer® WT

Fermentation substrate

NEWtainer® Substrator


Making the Most of Resources that Grow Back Slowly

If forestry is to be sustainable, then we must make full use of the commodities it provides while they are growing back. However, most parts of a tree can only be used if they are thoroughly dried. That way, they have a higher heating value and are easy to store.

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The NEWtainer® is here to help:

  • Dry wood chips for direct burning
  • Dry tree cuttings
  • Prepare wood chips for gasification or pyrolysis (see video)
  • Produce wood chips and shavings
  • Dry bark
  • Produce wood chips for industrial use
  • Dry sawdust

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Coarse Sawdust

NEWtainer® Woody WT


NEWtainer® Woody WT 2.0

Biogas Plants

Maximum Efficiency Boost for Biogas Plants

100% of the materials can be utilized when making biogas if the waste input products are used efficiently. To do this, custom drying systems are needed. With these in place, separated and liquid digestate, as well as fermentation substrate from the biogas plant, can be transformed into valuable fertilizer with a long shelf life. The NEWtainer® is the ideal way to do this. The belt dryer is built into a shipping container which will fit almost anywhere and it is designed so that the heating in the dryer uses the excess heat from the combustion process at the biogas plant.

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Your Options at a Glance:

  • Drying fermentation substrate from biogas plants: The digestate dryer uses a remixing process to turn liquid digestate into fertilizer granules that are great for spreading and have a long shelf life. Plus, the air for drying is actually the flue gas from the biogas plant.
  • Drying and separating digestate: Fermentation substrate is transformed into fertilizer, animal bedding or fuel using the excess heat from the biogas plant.
  • Drying industrial products and resources: Dried paper sludge can be converted into cat litter and waste into alternative fuels. A NEWtainer® makes optimum use of the excess heat generated from biogas production.
  • Drying agricultural products and wood: A dryer allows you to get the most out of your agricultural yields by turning even the waste into product with purpose. Agricultural waste can be used to make fertilizers or animal feed supplements, for example. Properly dried wood waste makes a good base for pellet production or can be used as animal bedding or for wood gas.

Reference dryer

Biogas plant


Biogas plant

NEWtainer®ALLin DRYer


We have the perfect container-format drying solution for your specific product. Give us a call! We’ll be glad to advise.


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