Producing and processing food and beverages creates large quantities of trash—except it’s not really trash. When fruit is juiced, the peel is leftover. Wine and beer production leave behind brewer’s spent grain and wine pomace. But all of these ‘waste’ products have plenty of flavor, vitamins and nutritional value to offer. These tasty opportunities degrade quickly so they need to be dried before further processing. NEWeco-tec has the ideal systems for drying a whole range of foods and ingredients like herbs, onions and cereals. Plus, our systems are integrated into shipping containers, meaning they do not need a factory floor.


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Recycling waste products

Primary Products for Food Production

Fresh foods have to be properly dried to preserve them and make them suitable for further processing. NEWeco-tec delivers custom belt dryers for optimum drying of a whole range of foods like apple pieces, onions, carrots, semolina, cereals, bran and more. The NEWtainer® is an appealing alternative to expensive, fully stainless steel drying systems that need their own building. The technology inside the stainless steel-lined shipping containers keeps up with the ‘big’ systems in every way. And since the system comes in its own weather-resistant housing, it can be installed pretty much anywhere on your company premises.

Food Industry Waste

Immediate drying is an effective way of preserving waste from food processing. Our NEWtainer®range of dryers provides a simple way to dry fruit, vegetables, eggshells, salad waste, leftover bread, and more, each in the right way for the individual product. Our process turns what would be trash into high-nutrition animal feed packed with vitamins or high-calorie input material for biogas plants.

Waste from the Beverage Industry

Juicing, wine pressing, brewing beer, distilling spirits and making coffee all leave behind valuable surplus. The problem is that it goes bad so quickly. That applies to remaining fruit and vegetable material after juicing, apple pomace, coffee grounds, grape skins, and brewer’s and distiller’s spent grain. To prevent degradation, quickly drying the product is recommended—and a NEWtainer ® is the ideal way to do so. They can be adapted to your site’s specific requirements and, since the investment is relatively modest, you can expect a return pretty quickly. That is a good proposition for breweries, wineries, juice manufacturers and major beverage companies. These companies can then dry their own surplus and sell it on as fertilizer or animal feed, or as ingredients for animal feed or food processing. While we’re here: The NEWtainer® can also dry coffee grounds from coffee pods.

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Specialist Food Products

Certain areas of the food industry do not require food-safe systems. Drying granulates and extrudates for pet food is an example of this. Here, a specially equipped NEWtainer® is ideal. It is also ideal for drying maggots and worms.

Petfood Herstellung und Trocknung

Additional Expertise from our Partners

NEWeco-tec Joins Forces with
Hans Binder technologies

In food drying, NEWeco-tec works closely with our partner company, Hans Binder technologies GmbH, at our site in Mühldorf am Inn, Germany. Hans Binder technologies has decades of experience and exceptional expertise in high-performance drying systems. And, of course, all belt dryers made by Hans Binder technologies fulfill all legal requirements for food processing. That includes making the machines from 100% stainless steel with easy access and easy cleaning.

Bandtrocknungsanlage im Lebensmittelbereich


Drying foods like fruit, vegetables, cereals, herbs, and spices preserves them without losing vitamins or flavor. Raw material products are also dried prior to further processing, in the case of ingredients for muesli, trail mix or tea, for example. In all of these cases, the quality of the drying process is key to the quality of the final product.

For animal feed, too, getting the drying process right is invaluable— whether drying extrudates for pet food or feed for livestock. It is important to look after the individual ingredients to make healthy and tasty animal food.

Food Processing Industry

Drying food has its challenges: The products have to be handled gently—this applies to both the drying process itself and the conveying process. Plus, foods must be dried and pre-treated in different ways depending on their consistency. Hans Binder technologies has the right solution for almost any food product—from peppermint for tea to nuts and even the ingredients for a healthy breakfast. In addition to drying systems, the relevant upstream and downstream systems are also available in Hans Binder technologies’ extensive product range.

Pet food

When drying animal feed, the consistency is often difficult to work with and producing a uniformly blended final product is also a challenge. To ensure that the food maintains its flavor and vitamin and mineral content, it has to be dried carefully—and completely. NEWeco-tec and Hans Binder technologies have pooled our expertise to offer exceptional systems technology—and give our furry friends a healthy and tasty end product. In addition to systems for drying pet food, NEWeco-tec and Hans Binder technologies also have the expertise and the right solutions for producing livestock feed.

Trocknung und Herstellung von Petfood

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Pet food

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Hans Binder technologies


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