Here, you can see what mechanisms are in action when the machine is running. Starring: the NEWtainer®, an incredible belt dryer for all kinds of needs.

NEWtainer® KX

Drying Sewage Sludge (sewage treatment plant)

Dissen Sewage Treatment Plant is located in the district of Osnabrück in Lower Saxony, Germany. The plant transforms municipal and industrial sewage into energy sources—see our unique NEWdle machine in action.

NEWtainer® QX

Drying Sawdust for Pellet Production

Austria is a country rich in wood resources. Tons of sawdust is generated when this wood is processed. A facility in Stainach im Ennstal dries the sawdust in a NEWtainer® so that it can be used in pellet production. The process utilizes the waste heat from a CHP plant for drying.

NEWtainer® KS

Dryer for Sewage Sludge

Turning trash into a raw material ready for reuse: Manfred Steinberger from NEWeco-tec explains how the NEWtainer® series belt dryers work, what is so good about them, and why making the investment is so worthwhile.

NEWtainer® WT

Drying Products for the Wood Industry

A company in Shropshire, England, processes wood to make sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips and bedding material. This customer chose NEWeco-tec for our intelligent plug-and-play system that reduces the moisture content of the raw material to less than 20%.


Wood Chips—Drying for Energy Generation

Count Gregor von Bismarck generates energy using wood felled in the Saxon Woods of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. A specially equipped NEWtainer® dries the wood chips and uses the waste heat from the drying process to generate energy.

NEWtainer® WT

Wood Chip Dryer—Pellet Production

In Düdingen, Switzerland, local wood is processed to make pellets. The company uses the waste heat from their on-site biogas plant to dry the raw materials in a NEWtainer®.


Drying Digestate

Making use of the digestate from biogas production has improved efficiency many times over for this company in Glandorf, Lower Saxony, Germany. Their NEWtainer® belt dryer is a key factor, processing 16 cubic meters per day.

Image Film

It’s Getting Dry in Here—Our NEWtainer® at Work

It will fit in anywhere, is easy to install, extremely efficient and profitable: Our image film highlights the advantages of the NEWtainer® and its many applications across a broad range of products that it can dry.

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