According to the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, there is more wood in the forests of Germany than in any other country in the European Union. The stats: 76 million cubic meters are harvested each year. In that same time, 122 cubic meters grow. Today, wood is (once again) a vital raw material for construction and as an energy source. It is viewed as a key component of sustainable climate policy. To be sustainable, though, the biomass must be used without waste—and that is where efficient belt dryers come in. And the demand does not just come from German forests. This is true the world over.

Incredible benefits at a glance

Use as an energy source

Lower waste disposal costs

Recycle valuable resources

Pellet Industry

Heat using Renewable Raw Materials

The gradual shift away from fossil fuels is a major tenet of today’s climate and environment policies. Wood pellets and briquettes are a good alternative energy source and manufacturers are pleased to see a grow in demand. The industry, as well as major sawmills and planing mills, are benefiting from this growth by compressing their huge quantities of sawdust and wood shavings from their woodworking to make pellets and briquettes. Before that, though, the fresh wood waste must be dehydrated—removing over 50% of the moisture in some cases. Our NEWtainer® is specially designed for the job and dries the surplus wood perfectly. The unique construction requires no additional building space and is quick to install. Plus, the NEWtainer® can be expanded using our modular system, it fits anywhere and can get to work within a few days.

Wood Derivative Industry

Use Everything, Down to the Last Fiber

Moisture has to be removed from wood chips, wood wool, wood shavings and wood fibers before they can be turned into derivative materials like fiberboard or insulation. NEWeco-tec has the right solution for pre-drying and the main drying process for fibers, shavings and OSB strands for chipboard production for any application. Working with wood products also produces waste that can be recycled when dried. Sawdust can be turned into pellets, for example. And we have the right NEWtainer® for that, too.


Wood Waste is an Additional Revenue Stream

Wood shavings are made wherever wood is planed: Sawmills and carpentry sites produce large quantities of saw dust, saw shavings and other wood waste. This is valuable biomass that does not need to end up in the garbage. It can be dried on-site and processed to make pellets or other products. This is environmentally responsible and financially beneficial. NEWeco-tec’s NEWtainer® is the simple way to dry: The belt dryer built into a shipping container, making it weatherproof and extremely versatile. The NEWtainer® can be installed in just a few days and it comes with its own building.

Wood Gasification and Pyrolysis

Turning Wood into Energy and Activated Carbon

For forest owners, generating power from wood is an interesting alternative to selling industrial timber products. Before it goes into the wood carburetor, the carefully sorted chippings have to be precisely dried. The same is true for the similar process of pyrolysis, used to produce activated carbon and fertilizer. The Woody range of NEWtainer® dryers is the perfect choice in both cases. The modular construction means the system can be set up almost anywhere and is soon ready to use.

Reference Dryer

Wood Pellets

NEWtainer® Woody WT

Coarse Sawdust

NEWtainer® Woody WT


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