Report "Holzkurier":
"Think into the Box"

20.12.2017 Günther Jauck, Holzkurier
Website von NEW eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik in Mühldorf

Drying and pelletizing in containers

New eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik, Salmatec and Rematec presented themselves side by side at the Ligna in Hanover. This arrangement should not have happened accidentally. A few months ago, the three companies jointly realized a particularly sophisticated pellet plant in the Baltic States: the entire plant was delivered in containers and set up there, the local coordination being carried out by the Estonian company Procon.

RPB - Rematec Pelletizing Box - is what the machine and plant manufacturer Rematec calls its particularly compact, mobile pelleting plant. The Bavarian company have installed all the components to save space in a box. In another container is the controller. In addition to the Salmatec ring die press, the pelleting process includes a heavy material separator, a grinder with filter, a paddle mixer, a power auger, the required locks, a holding tank, cooling screw with screening, a cyclone or a filter system, a spark measurement, the extinguishing system Grecon and a compressor. "And all this on only 12 times 3 times 3.8 m," informed Rematec employee Helmut Lukes at the Ligna. As an advantage of this design, Lukes mentioned not only the small space requirement but also the high system availability and the rapid installation time. Rematec uses the same high quality components as conventional pelletizers. In addition, the Bavarians take every "container" into operation before delivery. "This provides additional operational reliability and saves time on the construction site," says Lukes. For easy accessibility during maintenance and servicing work especially large gates. (...)

The belt dryer in the container

Website von NEW eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik in Mühldorf

One who has been relying on container solutions for several years is Christian Wenner. The engineer and drying specialist founded New eco-tec in 2008 as a one-man business. He now has 35 employees and his own production facility in Mühldorf am Inn. Originally, the company conceived small belt drying units in one container – meanwhile the system "Newtainer" can be extended by several longitudinally or transversely assembled containers. The company has already built and delivered over 360 container belt dryers. The plant components are integrated directly into the container walls. Additional stiffeners are not necessary. Only the inner walls are lined with stainless steel or other materials, depending on the application. Wenner called the flexibility of his systems (..)

Source: Günther Jauck, Holzkurier 30-31