Experience our newest sewage treatment plant NEWtainer® KX in our new Video

19.11.2020 - NEW eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH
Trocknungsanlagen & Bandtrockner von NEWecotec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH in Mühldorf

Our latest video is about our compact belt dryer NEWtainer KX at the sewage treatment plant in Dissen in the Teutoburg Forest. In this, the user gives interesting insights and information about the system. It becomes apparent, that this sewage treatment plant has a special situation with regard to the quantities and compositions of sewage sludge there. In particular, industrial wastewater from the food industry is processed.

In order to make sensible use of the existing waste heat from the in-house biogas plant and to produce valuable fuel from waste, it was decided to use a belt dryer. Our belt dryer impressed with its flexibility, good quality and its individual control options by the user. After the sludge has been dried by the NEWtainer, a grainy granulate remains from the starting material. This end product is no longer waste that has to be disposed of at great expense, is now a valuable fuel that can be sold at a profit.

According to the user, the choice of a compact belt dryer from NEW eco-tec was the right decision and he is very satisfied with it, especially since the dryer performs 20% to 30% more than expected!

Watch our video and see for yourself!