Another NEWtainer® put into operation!

15.04.2021 - NEW eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH
Trocknunganlage der NEW eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik in Mühldorf

Do you remember the delivery of our drying system to Turkey? Our employees were now at our customer's site and have started the system into operation. A very exciting and responsible job.

Our colleague Florian took this picture during the 24h performance test and explains what it is all about:

“With the 24-hour test, we verify the throughput of the dryer in accordance with the contract”. We even exceeded that with over 162 tons in 24 hours.

The product “Paper Mill Sludge”, or paper sludge, was dried in this “Performance Case”. The steam clouds that leave the dryer via the attached exhaust air washer give an impression of the efficiency of the system.
I was there with my colleague Christian and our tasks included:

  • > Checking the assembly of all dryer components with regard to completeness, function and operational safety
  • > Checking and testing the measurement and control technology
  • > Checking and testing of all safety functions
  • > Testing the control of the dryer and adapting it to customer requirements
  • > Setting the parameters for drying the various products
  • > Integration of the customer's feed and loading technology into the dryer process control system