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Drying digestate, sewage sludge, and animal manure releases gases that impact the surrounding atmosphere. This is true of biogas plants and farms, and it includes upstream and downstream operations. In Germany, the Federal Immission Control Act forms part of the country’s Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (known as ‘TA Luft’). This act prescribes precise specifications for the levels of toxic gases, such as nitrogen compounds, that are permissible in emissions.

Since 2021:


A new TA Luft has been in force since 2021, enforcing stricter immission and emission requirements. The new version implements testing of the surrounding area to show the extent of the impact of exhaust gases. In addition, the emission thresholds for many substances were dramatically reduced. If any exhaust gases exceed these thresholds, the emissions contained must be reduced using an appropriate method such as a flue gas cleaning system.


Expert Consulting, Comprehensive Service, Systems to Meet Requirements

Flue gas cleaning systems, also known as air scrubbers or multi-stage exhaust air cleaners, deliver an efficient and reliable reduction in certain components of exhaust air like ammonia and/or hydrogen sulfide. NEWeco-tec is your one-stop shop for everything from consulting and tailored system design to installation, commissioning and system maintenance. Our NEWair-scrubber is the ideal solution for clean air.

The technical advantages:

  • Customer care and expert advice throughout the authorization procedure
  • The NEWair-scrubber quality guarantee with high absorption efficiency for odorous substances, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and particulates (PM10, PM2.5)
  • Seamless integration with your NEWtainer®
  • Utilizes tested, approved control and measurement technology
  • Fully automatic running with data documented and secured as per the requirements of the new TA Luft. Optional remote monitoring available
  • Servicing and Maintenance of the NEWair-scrubber

The NEWair-scrubber Incrementally Reduces Emissions

This flue gas cleaning system facilitates a modular structure that can be adapted to the on-site situation and authorization requirements. A combination of physical, chemical and biological cleaning processes provides a reduction in exhaust air content of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, particulates and odors to comply with the law. Depending on the legal requirements for system approval, NEWeco-tec will design and build a one, two or three-step flue gas cleaning system.

einstufiger bis dreistufiger Abluftwäscher

How the NEWair-scrubber works:

  • The filter stages are positioned vertically to the airflow.
  • Filter stages 1 and 2 are continually wetted with process water. This removes particulates and bioaerosols. Ammonia (NH3) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) are removed by adding sulfuric acid to filter stage 1 and sodium hydroxide solution to filter stage 2. The efficiency can be adjusted to individual needs but is always over 70%.
  • The remaining emissions are odorous substances and are removed in filter stage 3 using a biofilter. The concentration of odorous substances that passes through the biofilter will not exceed the threshold of 500 ouE/m³.

Trusted Expertise

Dr. Volker Siemers is a renowned expert in the field of exhaust air treatment systems and we are proud that we are supported by a competent partner. He has decades of experience in approval processes and in developing multi-step exhaust air scrubbers systems. He has previously worked as an inspection engineer at the German Agricultural Society and he regularly uses this experience and expertise at a national and international level, continuously expanding his knowledge base.

“The efficiency of the air scrubbers is a fitting part of how NEWeco-tec sees itself: As a pioneering company, combining profit and environment.”

Dr. Volker Siemers, Partner
Immission control / air purification

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