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Versatility – Made in Germany

The compact NEWtainer® belt dryers are versatile and multi-faceted when it comes to switching products. All NEWtainer® belt dryers can be used for many products without having to make a lot of changes. These drying systems are space savers, relocatable, extendible and combinable thanks to their container-style structure. In addition, the NEWtainer®s are weather-resistant with uncompromising robustness, drying performance and availability.

Thanks to their efficient drying performance and low energy consumption, the NEWtainer®s are affordable to acquire and operate.

Digestate - Fermentation products solid ./. liquid

Sewage & paper sludge - sludge in general

Wood chips - Biomass -

Sawdust - Pellets

Waste & garbage fractions

Bulk materials

in general

Ein Bandrockner - unzählige Anwendungen 

One belt dryer - countless applications

NEWtainer® belt dryer