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THE versatile belt dryer

NEWtainer® Belt Dryer

The drying principle

energy, space and cost optimised - Made in Germany


The NEWtainer® Belt Dryer is a compact belt dryer constructed into standard shipping container. The container not only provides an external weather protection cover, it is also the supporting structure.


With the special polyester textile belt the airflow routing can be turned around. In other words, fresh air flows through the heat exchanger and is sucked into the drier. The product is pressed onto the textile belt by the pressure of the airflow. The air can only flow narrowly by the drying product thereby absorbing more moisture, like container drying for instance.

Air-permeable polyester textile belt

• applicable for all types of product

•  relocatable and ready for operation quickly

•  stable and weather-proof

•  modular upgrading

•  drying is gentle on the product

material flow

hot air

humid air