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Trocknungsanlagen & Bandtrockner von NEWeco-tec / Gärreste / Getreide / Hackschnitzel / Klärschlamm

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Drying of 

separated &

liquid digestate

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Sewage sludge drying

Sewage sludge dryer

for pre-drained paper & sewage sludge



Corn dryer  and drying grains &


Biomass drying

Wood chips dryer, sawdust & other biomass dryers

NEW eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH at the ADBA Birmingham











ADBA 2016: NEWtainer - Visitors are thrilled by the technology


UK AD & Biogas is the UK's only dedicated anaerobic digestion and biogas trade show. With 3,000 visitors from key sectors including farming, food and drink, local authorities, waste management, utilities, transport and more, AD & Biogas 2016 provides the perfect…

The ADBA was also a success for NEW eco-tec: The belt drying systems NEWtainer®, developed especially for digestate, biomass and sludges was met with great interest by the trade fair visitors.

The new "NEWtainer" technology make a significant saving in waste management costs. This opens a new path of value creation for system operations.


The trade fair visitors obtained information not only on the new technologies but also the modular structure of the NEW eco-tec dryer was a hit and is an ideal fit for the individual requirements of the industry. This is also reflected in the continuously high crowd at the NEW eco-tec trade fair stand: On each day of the trade fair an above average number of trade visitors requested detailed information about the NEWtainer.




THE new digestate belt dryer!

...waste heat to make significant savings in liquid storage costs