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THE versatile belt dryer

Digestate drying - NEWtainer® Belt Dryer

energy, space and cost optimised - Made in Germany


NEWtainer® is a a belt drying system for drying biomass, integrated into a standard shipping container – weather-resistant, relocatable and ready to operate without any of the usual elaborate assembly. Thanks to its special design and airflow routing, the NEWtainer® is widely applicable for all type of product, particularly fermentation products from biogas plants.

Belt dryer for drying  

separated product

NEWtainer® WT series

NEWtainer® digestate drying is ideal for drying pressed digestate (separated digestate) from a biogas plant when used together with a separator, like the NEWparator, for instance. Dried to a dry matter content of 85 %, this material can be utilised in agriculture as a soil conditioner with fertiliser components. With its high moisture absorbing properties the material is also often used as litter in stables.

Because of the special design and airflow routing, this NEWtainer® can also dry other products, like grains, corn or wood chips, without extensive conversion measures.


Belt dryer for drying

liquid digestate

NEWtainer® WT MR series

When supplemented with the MR-re-mixing module, the NEWtainer® belt dryer is capable of drying fermentation product, e.g. from biogas plants with dry matter content of about 6 % or more, directly and without further pre-treatment to dry matter content of 85 %. The dry goods are in the form of a granular material that stores exceptionally well and can be transported. A highly concentrated slow-release fertiliser that can be scattered and is odourless.