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What does

NEW eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH have to offer?


We offer our customers from the fields of

agricultural production of energy crops, food and feed,   

plant construction with special competence in material and energy utilisation, e.g. mill construction and biogas plant construction,  

the food and feed processing industry,  

cogeneration plant operation, e.g. biogas plants,  

energy provision and  

financial investment  


...comprehensive and complete project realisation in process-relevant plant construction for energetic and material usage of renewable resources.

Consulting and design / engineering  

Planning and concept  

Plant construction, production and delivery  

Installation on-location and start-up   

Optimisation, modernisation and renovation  


Your tasks, which we solve for and with you, pertain to:

Drying pumpable and/or free-flowing products  

Reducing emissions in the exhaust air of the drying facility  

Inflow and outflow of product being dried with our NEWtainer® belt dryers  

Processing and further processing of dried products from our NEWtainer®  belt dryers  



NEW eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

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Tel. +49 8631 18 549-0

Fax  +49 8631 18 549-29