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NEWtainer® Belt Dryer type: SUBSTRATOR+ for liquid digestate 

energy, space and cost optimised - Made in Germany


When supplemented with the MR-back mixing module, the NEWtainer® belt dryer is capable of drying fermentation product, e.g. from biogas plants with dry matter content of about 6 % or more, directly and without further pre-treatment to dry matter content of 85 %. The dry goods are in the form of a granular material that stores exceptionally well and can be transported. A highly concentrated slow-release fertiliser that can be scattered and is odourless.

Because of the special design and airflow routing, this NEWtainer® can also dry other products, like grains, corn or wood chips, without extensive conversion measures.



for drying:

• liquid digestate

• wood chips

• grains & corn

• sawdust

• oil seeds

• pomace

NEW eco-tec





Market leader in the field of  

digestate drying

Liquid digestate inflow

from 6% dry matter


from 150kW thermally - 3,000 kWth  

• Nitrogen accumulation