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biomass drying

Trocknungsanlagen & Bandtrockner von NEWeco-tec / Gärreste / Getreide / Hackschnitzel / Klärschlamm

Product overview

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Digestate drying

DRYING of separated & liquid digestate

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Sewage sludge drying

Sewage sludge dryer for pre-dewatered paper & sewage sludge



Corn dryer and drying grains & seeds

Biomass drying

Biomass drying

Wood chips dryer, sawdust & other

biomass dryers

NEWtainer® drying systems

energy, space and cost optimised - Made in Germany


The NEW eco-tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH finds and provides you with customised solutions for sophisticated drying processes as well as upstream and downstream peripherals.

Example: Digestate drying also using CHP unit exhaust gases, sludge drying, grain drying, wood chip drying and others.

Thanks to our employee's experience and know-how, in addition to field-specific expertise we also have a network of specialists at our disposal that we can call in depending on the project. From planning to production and from installation to start-up, we guarantee a steady and transparent process.


We are committed to working for you - whether you are planning a new facility, if you are modernising your existing facility or you would like to optimise its performance.



    NEWeco tec Verfahrenstechnik:

    for environmentally-friendly top quality - efficient and sustainable.  


THE BIOMASS belt dryer! 

One belt dryer - countless applications

• applicable for all types of product

•  relocatable and ready for operation quickly

•  stable and weather-proof

•  modular upgrading

•  drying is gentle on the product

•  space-saving